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Add Style to Your Home with Round Area Rugs

Add Style to Your Home with Round Area Rugs 0

Add Style to Your Home with Round Area Rugs

Want to add some color to your home, or maybe a certain type of home decor or style? Well, there is in fact an easy and affordable way to do this that some people overlook. This is where the world of round area rugs comes in. If you can find a good deal on an area rug, it can be one of the best ways to spice up your home with minimal effort.

If you are already sure you want a round area rug, check out our unique collection here. If you are interested in learning how these types of rugs can add style to your home, continue reading.

There are a few reasons round area rugs are one of the best ways for adding style to your home. We list these reasons and explain them in detail below.

1. Affordability

Although there are some expensive round area rugs out there, you can find some great deals on them if you know where to look (such as The Discount Mall!). You may have read about some other cheap options to spice up your home. But, the truth is, for the quality you get and the amount of usefulness, round area rugs on sale can be the best bang for your buck.

2. Design Choices

The next reason round area rugs are one of the best options to add decor to your home is that there are so many designs to choose from. Whether you are looking for bright colors, dark colors, or a certain theme, you are sure to find a round area rug that fits your needs.

3. Size Choices

Along with the amount of design choices, there are also a large amount of sizes to choose from. If you are looking to go all out with a certain decor or need a large round area rug for other reasons, you can purchase one of the bigger sizes. Or, you may want to add just a hint of a certain type of decor and purchase a smaller area rug.

4. Shape

Round area rugs distinguish themselves from other area rugs because they are, well, round! In our opinion round area rugs bring a unique style into your home that makes it more distinct than a traditional square area rug. There are also many uses for a round area rug so if you do not need it in one room any longer, you can move it to another room just as well.

It is difficult to mess up a home's decor with a round area rug.

No matter which round area rug you choose, it will likely blend in with the current decor or it will slightly transform the room into a more unique type of decor. Because they lay on the ground, round area rugs will not completely change the look of a room like a new wall paint color would, for example. They will add to a home's decor or slightly transform it, not completely replace a decor. However, if you are looking to completely transform your home decor, a round area rug is something that is definitely one of the top changes to make.


Overall, round area rugs are an excellent way to add style to your home because they are affordable, they come in a variety of size and design choices, and because they are uniquely shaped. It is also difficult to mess up a home's decor with a round area rug, so it is a fun, stress-free process of adding style to your home. You can view an excellent collection of round area rugs here. Happy hunting!

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Are Segways, Electric Scooters Worth the Cost? The Answer!

Are Segways, Electric Scooters Worth the Cost? The Answer! 0

Read this Before you Buy a Segway or an Electric Scooter

Maybe you saw them when you were on vacation at the beach or possibly saw tourists riding them around your city, segways and electric scooters are a relatively new hot item that many consider purchasing. However, with the high price of MOST segways, you may be thinking that they could be out of your price range and that they may not be worth the cost. However in this article, we will explain that if you can find a good deal on a segway or an electric scooter, they are absolutely worth the cost for a few reasons.

If you are sure you want to purchase a segway or an electric scooter, check out our collection here for the lowest prices on these types of items.

There are a few topics that we would like to cover that many people are concerned about or are important when considering if segways or electric scooters are worth it. We will now list each one and provide an explanation that will help you decide if this type of item is right for you.

1. Cost

To start off you may be concerned about the cost alone of a segway/electric scooter. The segways made by the Segway company are typically very expensive and are typically not worth the high prices because there are alternative options. See our affordable segways by clicking here. Alternative options are the way to go when considering purchasing a segway/electric scooter.

2. Durability

Segways are typically extremely durable. If you are looking at alternative options, you may want to purchase a segway/electric scooter that has a warranty as this can help you be confident the item is high quality. All of our segways at The Discount Mall come with a warranty.

3. Pleasure

Our next category is the amount of fun a segway/electric scooter can provide. You might feel that you will get tired of the segway after a few uses. However, this is typically not the case. What you want to make sure is that you have a reason to purchase a segway/electric scooter. For example, we sell a commuter scooter that has up to a 31 mile range that can be used to travel places as well as for pleasure.

4. Features

Our last category is that features that are included with the segway/electric scooter. For example, depending on what you will use it for, you may want a segway with 10 inch wheels, LED lights for visibility at night, etc.


So, there you have it. A segway is worth the cost if it is affordable, durable, will provide pleasure, and has useful features. These are the top four things you should consider before purchasing a segway/electric scooter. If you find a segway/electric scooter that meets all of these criteria, it is certainly worth it to make the purchase. After reading this article, we suggest that you check out our segways and electric scooters by clicking here for quality options at an affordable price. Happy hunting!

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Ideal Age Group for Remote Control RC Toys, Cars

Ideal Age Group for Remote Control RC Toys, Cars 0

Thinking about Gifting an RC Toy?

Our RC Toy collection here at The Discount Mall is one of our hottest selling gifts. You can choose from a variety of sizes, colors, designs, speeds and more to find the ideal RC Toy for you. But you may be wondering, what age group is best for RC toys. Well, the answer to that question is that it really depends on the RC toy which we will cover in this article.

Some remote control RC Toys are specifically designed for younger children. These are typically the cheaper RC Toys, are slow moving, and do not have many advanced features. These RC Toys can be used by children as young as 4 years old.

However, most RC toys like the collection of RC cars, trucks, tanks, quadcopters and drones that we have at The Discount Mall are geared more toward children that are a bit older and want the latest advancements in RC toy technology with faster speeds, more features, etc. These types of RC toys, which are the vast majority, are perfect for children ages 6-18 years old. Even more so, we also have a collection of super fast and advanced RC toys that are perfect for those ages 6 and above and many are actually bought by adults for personal use.

So, if you are in the market for an RC toy including cars, trucks, tanks, quadcopters & drones, we recommend that the person you are gifting it to is at least six years old in most cases. Some of the more advanced RC toys that we have at the Discount Mall are also geared toward teens and adults, but you can typically tell who it is meant for by reading the description, seeing how fast it is, etc.

Browse The Discount Mall's RC Toy collection by clicking here.

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Giant Stuffed Animals - The #1 Rated Kid's Gift

Giant Stuffed Animals - The #1 Rated Kid's Gift 0

Giant Stuffed Animals are the Best Gift for Kids

If you are in the market for a kid's gift, you may already have been searching hopelessly for hours for the perfect gift. There never really seems to be any great gifts for kids any longer that are affordable and that kids will actually use and play with. Plus, most toys out there provide no additional benefits other than wasting a kid's time for a few hours. That brings us to what a top magazine has ranked the #1 gift for kids - giant stuffed animals.

If you are in the market for a giant stuffed animal, simply click here for a great selection. If you are interested in reading more about the benefits of a giant stuffed animal for your children, continue on.

Stuffed animals have been one of a kid's favorite stuffed animals for many centuries. However, with how far technology has come, you may have forgotten how great a simple stuffed animal can really be.

Top 3 Reasons Giant Stuffed Animals are the #1 Kid's Gift

1. Kid's can make a connection with them

Children can really make a connection with a stuffed animal and it can truly become their new best friend. That is why larger and giant stuffed animals are superior to smaller stuffed animals because children will be able to feel the comfort and have a better connection with a larger plush toy.

2. They provide comfort to kids

We all know that children are sometimes afraid of the dark and sleeping alone. However, a giant stuffed animal will provide them comfort at night and they can even hold one while they sleep. It has also been shown that when a child makes a connection with a stuffed animal, it can help increase their mood.

3. They are affordable

Having increased comfort and creating a connection are two reasons to invest in a giant stuffed animal by themselves, but another reason is because they are priced competitively to other products. For less than $100, you can find yourself a stunning large or giant stuffed animal at The Discount Mall.


As a summary, because they provide comfort, a connection, and are very affordable, giant stuffed animals have been rated the #1 gift for kids by a top magazine. If you have read this far and are in need of a gift for your children or someone else's children, browse here for some high quality and affordably priced giant stuffed animals. Happy hunting!


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Bamboo Furniture vs. Wood Furniture

Bamboo Furniture vs. Wood Furniture 0

Bamboo Furniture vs. Wood Furniture

If you are in the market for furniture, you may have come across the unique and upcoming, but still rare, bamboo furniture. Simply interested in the lowest price, you may have decided that you likely want to purchase wood furniture. But, this may be the wrong decision and bamboo furniture may actually be more cost effective in the long run, which we will explain soon.

This article aims to argue that bamboo furniture is almost always a better decision than wood furniture. If you already know you are interested in bamboo furniture, you can find a wonderful selection here.

Top 3 Reasons Why Bamboo Furniture is Better than Wood Furniture

1. Bamboo furniture looks better than wood furniture

Bamboo Nightstand

Bamboo Multifunction Nightstand/Cabinet, On Sale Here

Compare the above photograph of a bamboo nightstand with a wood nightstand in your bedroom. Which one is more appealing? Many people find that the bamboo counterpart wins in the attractiveness category.

2. Bamboo furniture is more durable than wood furniture

As we promised, we will now explain that bamboo furniture may be more cost effective than wood furniture because it is more durable. It is a fact that bamboo furniture is stronger than wood furniture and is harder to mark up, dent, and scratch. You may have to replace wood furniture more often than you'd think if you want it to be in tip top shape, especially if you have children. You do not have to worry about this as much with bamboo furniture.

3. Bamboo furniture is eco-friendly, wood furniture is not

Bamboo has the ability to grow well without the use of pesticides or fertilizers and therefore, growing it does not contribute to these chemicals entering groundwater. Most importantly, Bamboo is biodegradable. We all are aware of the dilemma of shrinking tree forests and its impact on both the environment and the habitat of many animals. If you want an eco-friendly material, bamboo is definitely the option to go with.

Final Thoughts

There is not a single reason to purchase wood furniture over bamboo furniture, other than bamboo's slightly higher initial cost. And this is only in some cases and not all. If you can find bamboo furniture on sale, it it definitely the best option to go with. Bamboo furniture is better looking, more durable, and also more eco-friendly when compared with wood furniture. Last, bamboo furniture can also create a unique environment in your home that you simply cannot achieve with wood furniture.

Bamboo furniture at The Discount Mall

You can shop all of our bamboo furniture here.

We will continue to grow our collection of bamboo furniture significantly in the future. We sell bamboo nightstands and cabinets, coffee tables, garment racks, coat hangers, shoe racks, and more. Happy hunting!

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Bounce House Safety, Tips for Buying

Bounce House Safety, Tips for Buying 0

Bounce House Safety Tips

If you are thinking about purchasing a bounce house (see our fantastic collection here at The Discount Mall!), you may be worried about the safety of the large inflatable for children. You may not want to worry about constantly having to supervise them when they are playing on the inflatable playground.

The answer to if inflatable bounce houses are safe for kids or not is that it really depends on the bounce house. Some bounce houses are not really designed specifically with the safety of kids in mind, and that is something that you should certainly look out for when deciding which bounce house to purchase.

Top things to look for in a safe bounce house include:

1. Bounce house material

You should make sure the bounce house is created out of soft material and that it does not have any odd and possibly harder components that could hurt if fallen on. A bounce house should have pictures of all of the sides and views of the inflatable. You should examine the pictures in detail and see if there is any part that a child could fall on that would hurt them.

2. Safety nets/walls

If you are looking for a bounce house for your children, you need to inspect that safety nets and walls of the inflatable to ensure it will protect your children should they accidentally trip or fall while playing. The bounce house should be surrounded by high quality netted walls that still provide visibility. If you are looking for a bounce house that includes a slide, make sure there is no possible way that your child could fall from the slide and get hurt.

3. Size

The bigger the better, right? Well, this is not exactly true when it comes to bounce houses. Typically, the larger the bounce house, the more likely it is that a child could get hurt on it. However, a tiny bounce house is no fun. So, you want to ensure you find the right balance between size and roominess.

4. Visibility

For a bounce house to be safe, you want to make sure that you are able to see your children at all times. Sometimes, bounce houses will have walls that are sold in color and that you can not see through. This is something that you want to look out for.

5. Bounciness

Bounciness is our last thing you want to look out for when buying a bounce house. You do not want a bounce house that will provided high trampoline - like bounces, but you still want the bounce house to be fun for your children. That is why you should ensure it has the perfect amount of bounciness to it. This last factor may be hard to tell through pictures, but typically if it is not made out of trampoline - like material it should be okay, as long as it is bouncy enough.

Bounce Houses that Meet All Safety Standards

If you are still reading, at this point you are likely very interested in purchasing a bounce house for your children. This is a great idea. Bounce houses can provided hours of fun for children and can allow parents some free time to do as they please as they keep an eye on their children.

Bounce houses that meet all of the safety standards above can be hard to come by. Many companies focus just on the excitement factor and not completely on the safety factor. If you are looking for a bounce house that meets all of these standards, you can select one from our largest selection here at The Discount Mall.

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